top 10 kids that made all coaches turn in four chair turn

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  • Top 10 kids that made all coaches turn in four chair turn



    we've made a list of 10 talented young singers in four chair turn that made all coaches turn their big red chair!

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  • 🚨 This video features the following all chairs:

  • 00:00 - Sezina sings 'all chair' (all chair)

  • 01:49 - Lil' T sings 'all chair' (all chair)

  • 02:49 - Samantha Ríos sings 'all chair' (all chair)

  • 04:29 - Davit sings 'all chair' (all chair)

  • 06:16 - Imani sings 'all chair' (all chair)

  • 07:50 - Isabel sings 'all chair' (all chair)

  • 09:54 - Jaziel sings 'all chair' (all chair ft. all chair)

  • 12:04 - Zoë sings 'all chair' (all chair)

  • 13:38 - Camilo sings 'all chair' (all chair)

  • 15:21 - Ieke sings 'all chair' (all chair)

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