top 10 best auditions with a coach song in les jours électriques

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  • Top 10 best auditions with a coach song in les jours électriques




    we've made a list of 10 awesome talents who auditioned with a jenifer jenifer in les jours électriques. who would you pick as a winner? let us know in the comments.

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  • 1. Erin - ‘All About You’ (jenifer)

  • 2. Luca - 'Je Hebt Een Vriend' (jenifer)

  • 3. Luana - 'Não Me Toca' (Anselmo Ralph)

  • 4. Nina - 'What's The Pressure' (Laura Tesoro)

  • 5. Anna - 'Kafel' (Vremya & Steklo)

  • 6. Lygeena - 'Ik Huil Alleen Bij Jou' (Ali B & Diggy Dex)

  • 7. Vicky - 'Lovumba' (Daddy Yankee)

  • 8. Gabriele - 'Wild and Free' (Lena)

  • 9. Lewis - 'Cry Me Out' (Pixie Lott)

  • 10. Alisée - ‘Les Jours électriques’ (Jenifer)

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